Monday, January 02, 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, I thought it would only be appropriate to put a proper closure to 2016. (Yes I know its already the 2nd day of 2017.)

Hence, here's a nutshell of my 2016:

January was a great month. I went Seoul and had so much fun. The people, the weather, there's absolutely nothing to be unhappy about. I took 1 month to prepare my personal travel guide to Seoul based on the internet's recommendation. And during that trip, I found out that beers and fried chicken goes well together. OH how I miss Seoul.

Rolling back to school - I had finals to cope with, and proposal for chalet and finally site recce. (Yes, those were the good old times.)

MARCH 2016
March was indeed an exciting month. Started off the month with a 3D2N chalet (Waterbomb-ing game, race against time, laser tag.) Then followed by a month of BAOC preparation. My SCs were also very sweet to actually plan a mini amazing race for the three of us - to mark the end of our journey. (Those were the days and those days were gone.)

APRIL 2016
Also an exciting month that we've been looking forward to for a year - BAOC 2016! Anyway we got the best cheer award. After BAOC we went Taiwan. Rooftop-ing adventures, climbing up the crane, hiking, hot spring in a cold weather, then we eat and eat even more. (And I accidentally burnt my legs, now there's a huge scar :"))

MAY 2016
The month that turns me to the big 2. Nothing to be exciting about, and nothing to be sad about. Most of my time was spent in school anyway.

JUNE 2016
In June, I went Vietnam to attend a wedding. It was a new experience - very different from our local wedding. Apart from the weather that was apparently hotter than Singapore (which I did not like), the food there was amazing and everything there was cheap.

JULY 2016
I took up a job in the airport that month. Nothing exciting happened too. Because I was at the airport almost every single day after school. Also the month I went for my internship interview - I was so close to going Shanghai for my internship - but in the end, I decided not to.

August was the month, when we got our internship placement. Turns out my friends were all in the same company as I was, so I was pretty damn excited about internship.

August - I mentioned I was excited. But the start of internship made me think twice about it. Welcome to the what-they-call the "outside world".

Still trying to get use to the corporate life but also the month I first opened counter  I still remember how I first serve customer - hoping not to give the wrong advise lol.

Halfway through internship - and I was preparing for my interim evaluation and interim written report in November. Thank god I secured an A grade for my company evaluation. Watch 205 livestreaming in a bar for the first time - it was amazing and the crowd was so damn bloody hyped. (Damn good experience because I always watch the livestream at home.)

Christmas! A joy to be giving and expecting nothing in return. The Christmas spirit in my internship company was really amazing - almost feels like every one was excited about Christmas.  Also the same month I received my internship written report which I submitted in November - secured another A grade.

There's nothing I can complain about, 2016 was very good to me. And I'm sure 2017 will be too. Happy new year friends.

Cheers! x